Ok it's the fourth day and I've already almost failed, I'm just gonna stop doing a post everyday and try maybe once a week or when things are requested. Sound good? Also, when my computer is fixed I will post a video and also I will post pics and info about my party.

Day 3



Hello again, hopefully I will be able to post pictures and information about my party soon because right now I can't... My computer is messed up. This is from my phone so yeah I forget who it was but one of my people...(not sure what to call my visitors to this website) asked me to do this so hopefully it will be up this weekend or something. Have a nice day!!! :-)

Day 2



I wonder if anyone reads these... Anyways, here is to the secon day of the year!!! ����������
I will hopefully be posting that YouTube video soon.

365 Days



HAPPY 2013!!!!! So I am going to try to make a post a day everyday this year. I don't know how this is going to work because there are certain days when I have access to no computer or cell phone but I'm going to try.



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I wanted to let you guys know that I had my Vera Bradley Birthday Party last year and it was a huge success.  If you want more information about what I did, comment and I can post pictures and tell you all about it.
I am trying to figure out activities to do at my birthday party... it is Vera Bradley themed.  But, I can figure out what to do, anyone have ideas.  If you have an idea for something I could do PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSEEEEE! COMMENT!!!!!!
OMG, you cant get vera bradley in Canada, thats terrible.  You should email vera bradley and tell them to get some stores up there.  OR, you could just order it from their website and have it shipped to you.
The new headbands are so cute.  I hope to get them for Christmas or my birthday.  I think they come in 6 or 7 patterns.  My tech case in happy snails arrived a few days ago I love it!!
Hmm, how do you have a vera bradley birthday party, tune in and I will tell you in a few months time!! The iPhone 5 is set to be announced tomorrow!!!
I want more people to come to come to my website but how will I get people to do that?